STO: Legacy of Romulas – Beta

So the Legacy of Romulus expansion for Star Trek Online is releasing on Tuesday.


I’ve saved all the outfits for the initial BOffs and all the outfits for my toon, to make sure I can re-create them on the main server the moment I can get into the expansion :D.

Legacy of Romulus Beta Crew 2

Legacy of Romulus Valorous Crew

The new KDF starting storyline is awesomesauce!! The fed one has not had many changes this time around, but still has had a few minor tweaks. The new UI Is ~OMNOMNOM~ sexy.

I need more STO friends IRL to geekgasm about all this with…


G Plus Guild on TERA is live :D

We're open for business!

We’re open for business!

I am very much enjoying TERA, and enjoying the new friendships I’ve made in it through Google+. So far, the people I’ve played with have been good, kind people, and not like so many others I’ve played with in MMO games in the past. They’re not complaining that I’m taking so long to level and they’re not pushing me to go into PvP. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to not only help form a new guild with them, but asked to be the initial Guild Master. I expect that we’ll take turns being guild master, but the fact I got asked to start things off is a huge honor to me, even if the others don’t think it’s a big deal. I’ve always considered the job of a Guild Master a position of service, and it’s never been a job I take lightly. I’ll do my best to be worthy of the title, and enjoy it while I can, since I know it’s just a temporary job.